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Relationships are complex. Further, the cultural norms, traditions, social stigma and fear makes it difficult for most of those who are going through difficult inter personal relationships, often violence and unsafe.

There are many victims, who find the courage and take steps to end the cycle of violence. For some the ending can be very tragic. If you have a story of survival that may inspire others to find strength, we encourage you to share.

If you know someone, who was not fortunate enough to survive the violence, we honor their lives. This page is dedicated to silent sufferings of many who did not have a voice. Please submit the names (with permission to publish) a brief story here

Submit your Story

“I authorize Lead My Way, Not for Profit to publish the information I have provided. I declare that I will not hold Lead My Way, its employees of board of directors responsible for any ‘damages’ whatsoever now or in future. I take full responsibility for the information submitted in honor of a victim or survivor, their stories, names (altered or real), and any contents submitted to Lead My Way organization.”